The Kyrian Empire

The Kyrian Empire is a theocratic empire ruled over by the God-Emperor. The empire was originally founded by the legendary hero who would eventually become the God-Emperor in order to guard the dimensional portal called the Hellmouth from being used.

An advisory council to the God-Emperor and a variety of priesthoods who serve as spiritual leaders and public servants to the entire populace of the empire administer the Empire. Each of the priesthoods oversees a different aspect of imperial administration. Examples include the Priesthood of the Forge, the Priesthood of Walls, the Priesthood of Roads, and the Red Priesthood.

The empire consists of several distinct regions which were formerly individual kingdoms which have now been brought together under imperial rule. The kingdoms are interconnected by imperial roads to allow open communication and trade between them. Although they stand united as imperial provinces, each kingdom still maintains its own cultural and governmental flavor from a time before they were united. This often leads to rivalries between kingdoms and some cultural difficulties in places where people from different kingdoms are forced to live side by side.

The capitol of the Kyrian Empire is the city of Etheria. Situated in a Northeastern area of the empire, Etheria is a floating metropolis where the God-Emperor lives and rules over the empire. A system of flying ships constantly ferries people and goods between the capitol and several imperial docks nearby.

The Kyrian Empire

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