The Kingdom of Rustbark is a tributary kingdom within the Kyrian Empire located along the western border of the empire. Rustbark is known for being a major supplier of lumber throughout the entire empire and more specifically for its large collection of Redwood trees (for which the kingdom is named).

Before becoming part of the Kyrian Empire, the Kingdom of Rustbark was a spread out grouping of villages under the rulership of the Parin dynasty of kings. When the God-Emperor founded the Kyrian Empire, Rustbark was brought under imperial protection through a series of economic and military threats, although no actual fighting took place. Since then, the empire has relied on the heavily forested region to provide much of the lumber for imperial level projects.

Rustbark sits along a long stretch of land between the coast of the Western Sea and a range of steep mountains. The ocean winds butting up against the mountains creates an area of moist temperate climate, resulting in the rainforest like ecosystem that allows for the heavy forestation and providing the very specific ecological requirements to grow redwood sequoias. Along with the towering redwoods, the area is also rife with pines, douglas-firs, and a host of other types of plants. The area enjoys temperate springs and summers and very moist winters, with snow primarily only falling at the tops of the eastern mountains.

Because of the dense growth throughout the area, interconnected roads are difficult to create or maintain. Therefore, Rustbark is comprised mostly of largely self sufficient communities with only a few major places connected by imperial roads. Only one major imperial road enters the kingdom where it connects to the capitol city of Rustbark, Parinshire.

Rustbark, along with its considerable trade in lumber, is also a major provider of fish, and various other horticultural products including exotic plant life required in many forms of primal magic and alchemy. Some of the most requested products from Rustbark are those made from the native banana slug.

Parinshire is home to a large temple of the Priesthood of Framers, who are primarily responsible for constructing building throughout the empire. Apart from state religion, Rustbark also boasts a large variety of temples and shrines to other nature deities.


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